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To start with, toe nail fungus or Onychomycosis in the medical dictionary refers to the common but horrible condition that has the capacity to mutilate and damage the nails. Fungus Hack It can occur not only on the nails of the toes but also to the fingernails. Nearly a quarter of the global population suffers from this condition and around half have at least encountered the condition at some point in their lifetime. This is one of the reasons why global web searches for toe nail fungus home remedies have reached at its peak proving that more and more individuals acknowledge the effectiveness of home available remedies that are free from chemicals commonly included in various commercial preparations.

Before you move on to learning about the three most common toe nail fungus home remedies, it would be ideal that you get to know nail fungus infection symptoms. This is sensible so as for you to easily identify if you are suffering from the condition, which would prompt you to look into how to deal with it. Here are some of them:

·Flaky and brittle nails

·Swollen nails that can turn yellowish or black; sometimes dirty white

·Nails that are distorted and likely to chip easily

·Painful toe nails especially felt when wearing tight shoes

·Unpleasant smell coming from the infected toenail due to the accumulated debris embedded underneath the nails

·Vicious pain that is remarkable upon waking up in the morning

Walking would be very difficult when you are suffering from toe nail fungus. Adding up to the annoyance is the reality that the condition will not vanish on its own. You need to deal with and find remedy to it if you want to free yourself from the pain and discomfort that it brings.

Three Common Toe Nail Fungus Home Remedies

·Epsom salt solution (Magnesium Sulfate) - Before you soak your fungus-infected nails to the solution, it would be ideal to file it first. This is to make sure that the Epsom salt solution could penetrate deeply into the inner part of the toe. After nail filing, you simply have to get a palm-full of Epsom salt and mix it with hot water (be sure your feet can tolerate the heat). The next step is to soak your infected nails or the whole feet in the solution for about fifteen minutes and then afterwards put Epsom salt enough to cover the surroundings around the affected toenail. This is to ensure that Epsom salt will be enough to penetrate deeper to the inner part of the toes where fungus still lives in.

·Apple Cider vinegar - Preparing apple cider vinegar and mixing it with enough amount of water would make one of the most effective toe nail fungus home remedies. All you need to do is soak the infected toenails for at least twenty minutes and continuously do this daily. It may not be fast acting but with patience, you can get rid of your problem toenail completely.

·Tea tree oil - Known as a natural fungus destroyer, the tea tree oil is one of the possible remedies for toe nail fungus cases. The natural elements present in this oil have the capacity to kill and completely eliminate the toe nail fungi. All you need to do is apply the tea tree oil on the affected nail every day until the problem is completely eliminated. After every application, you would notice a remarkable relief from the irritation that comes with toenail fungus infection.

While it is true that these toe nail fungus remedies are not instant solutions; with patience of applying it daily, you are soon to enjoy pleasant days minus the embarrassing symptoms of this toenail predicament. However, it is advised that you also make sure that you follow preventive measures as part of your habits such as keeping away from the habit of wearing too tight shoes, precluding from walking barefooted especially in moist areas, and of course keeping your nails always clean. In doing so, it would be easier to you to enjoy life without those annoying toe nail fungi inflicted harm on your beautiful toe nails!